Tennis club Sparta Prague

    The white sport and Sparta have been inherently together for decades. Sparta is the third oldest club in Prague and its history began in 1905. The list of exellent players who were raised in club Sparta is very long.

    We should at least remember the names Koželuh, Zábrodský, Bečka, Jankovský, Pála, Holečková, Kodešová, Věra Suková – Pužejová and Jan Kodeš (won Wimbledon and Roland Garros twice). Other multiple winners of grand slam titles are Martina Navrátilová, Tomanová, Mandlíková, Helena a Cyril Sukovi, Petr Korda and many more…

    The tennis club Sparta (1905) was moved to park Stromovka after the second World War. Unfortunately, in the year 2002 a flood destroyed the club. After two years of hard work, Sparta became again one of the most prestigious clubs in Prague and in the Czech Republic. The club house and tennis courts were completely reconstructed. A new rehabilitation center, reception desk and luxurious Club Restaurant were added to the new design.

    Due to a long tradition, modern equipment, good management and high quality service TK Sparta Prague turned into one of the National Tennis Centers. The goal is to offer high level training to the best tennis players who represent Czech Republic in national and international tournaments. Some of these include: Nicole Vaidišová, Klára Zakopalová, Barbora Záhlavová – Strýcová, Kateřina Vaňková, Jiří Vaněk, Tomáš Cakl.
    Just as we have been succsessful in the education of young talents for years, we are running a Tennis Center which is designed for young players under 14. We are also runnig a Training Center for young players ages 14 to 18 who have the potential to become top level tennis players. Therefore, its a logical conclusion that we have a National Center for top ranking players from 19 to 20 years of age. This compact system will provide a first class training facility to support the development of talented tennis players and help them to reach their full potential.